Content Creator,
Digital Marketing Strategist

Hi, I’m Kalil. I dissect and analyze how brands are perceived, why they are seen that way, and use the data generated to implement meaningful strategies for change.


Creatively Designed,,

Data Driven Ideas

As a content creator for Now Creative Group and Redwood Studio, I used my skills as a content creator to create compelling videos, photos, and motion graphics to entice our clients’ customers to action. But my skillset doesn’t stop there.

I recognize the importance of strategy and implementing the data created from research. As the Co-Lead for StarterHacks and Creative Director of What’s Up, Waterloo I decided to go above and beyond the stereotypical marketer’s toolkit. I took advantage of the impact that high quality video content and written content can create. In only a few months, my team and I managed to grow our follower base by 250%.